2019 – ROHINGYA – Education

October 1, 2019

Part of our campaign in Bangladesh in 2017 and 2018 was the combating of sanitary and hygiene issues facing the overly populated refugee camps, as well as providing vital medical assistance, food, water and clothing.

Throughout our time at these camps, we identified that a whole generation of kids would be lost… their only life experience would be living in a refugee camp. Waiting and wondering where and what their next meal will be.

Not living… but, existing!

The best way to combat this was through education. We undertook a project alongside Muslim Aid UK – “Introductory Education for Displaced Rohingya Children in Cox’s Bazar” which was for the construction of 10 education spaces with wash facilities.

Our education facilities were built in Camps 13 and 19 in Cox’s Bazar and cater to over 1,050 children aged between 0-17.

The education facilities include educators, teaching aids and materials, ongoing training and daily snack distribution for students. We have also provided all kids with uniforms to give them a sense of pride and belonging.

With just a little bit of hard work, we believe we can provide these children with just as much opportunity as any other, and spare them from a destitute life.