2020 – COVID19 – Food Hampers

April 11, 2020

With many feeling imprisoned at home during the current COVID-19 crisis, we remind you that many communities around the world go without this basic necessity and would do anything to trade places!

We urge you all to make the most of the remaining 10 (or 11) days until the Holy month of Ramadan commences by digging deep and changing the life of those less fortunate by donating to our Ramadan hamper appeal.

By the Grace of Allah swt we have also dug deeper this year amid the current COVID-19 crisis and provided vital food packs to the poor and needy already, even before Ramadan commences!

*Note that these were from private sponsors and all donations made towards our Ramadan appeal will be used solely during Ramadan.*

This year the world is experiencing severe hardship beyond any other in recent times. We urge you to dig deeper and together we can help really make a difference.

Our 2020 Ramadan distributions are below:
Yemen $60
Lebanon $100
Africa $60
Bangladesh $40
Iraq $50

– Bank transfer
BSB 012 397
ACC 196684925
Ref: country of choice