2020 – LEBANON – Beirut Crisis

August 16, 2020

The city comes to a standstill as the 3rd largest explosion in history levels parts of the city. Windows shattered for km’s, houses destroyed, Beirut port burns… Hundreds killed and thousands more injured. Many are left unaccounted for.

A tragic day for a country already battling inflated prices, food shortages, Covid restrictions and international sanctions.

WF has identified that food, water and hygiene packs are of utmost urgency and have been conducting daily distributions since 11 August 2020.

We are in the process of broadening the type of aid provided to include medical, personal hygiene items, household essentials including basic furniture and other items we determine to be essential as part of our ongoing assessment of the situation.

A major part of this is establishing our own office/base in Beirut where victims could complete application forms for aid assistance. Subject to our investigations and assessment, successful applicants will be provided with said aid.

We will of course, continue to update you all of the situation and our progress as it occurs.