2020 – AUSTRALIA – NSW Bushfire Relief

January 18, 2020

Through adversity, Australia will triumph!


The rains arrived on Thursday 16th January 2020, providing some much needed relief for our brave firefighters on the front line, and those who’s homes have been threatened by these raging fires, but we aren’t out in the clear just yet.


The current bush fire crisis has claimed many victims; from those who have lost their lives, to countless native animals, local communities at the threat of destruction, to those unfortunate families who have lost their homes.


Brave volunteer fire fighters have stopped their day jobs to assist in putting out these fires, sacrificing their families livelihood for the greater good – This is the spirit of Australia!


The response from the public in supporting the affected communities so far has been nothing short of spectacular, and it’s not until you meet those affected by these bush fires that you truly understand how deserving they are of our support. The humility and gratitude is indescribable.


Wish Foundation recently delivered over 6 tonnes of non-perishable food, drink and household items to the Blue Mountains region to assist the community affected by these devastating fires.


We were met by Members of Council, the RFS and some local residents who received us with open arms, and tears of joy.


This is just one of many more deliveries planned as Wish Foundation will be assisting these communities for the months to come.


We would like to say a big Thank you to Councillors, Deputy Mayor Romala Hollywood, Captain Paul Huxley and his team for welcoming us with open arms and for all the efforts and sacrifices they have made for the people of the mountains region. God bless you all.


To donate, please visit our website for payment options. Ensure you use the reference “Fires” so that we can direct your donations to the right place.