About Us

Wish Foundation Ltd is an Australian charity established in 2014. WF is a registered organisation with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and has been granted Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status by The Australian Taxation Office (ATO). This means all your donations are tax deductible!

Every day, Wish Foundation is supporting people in need around the world. We are assisting them to break free from the cycle of poverty, regardless of their ethnicity,  gender or religion.

Our work includes:

  • responding to emergencies such as the floods, fires and drought
  • building water catchments as well as both solar powered and traditional wells
  • providing seeds and cultivation instructions to promote self sufficiency and employment for local communities
  • providing access to education in remote areas and to impoverished communities so vulnerable kids aren’t left behind
  • providing essential health requirements such as medication and disability equipment.We rely on people like you to give generously, so that we can restore hope to those in need.
About Us


Rabea Ajami


Rabea has been a charity advocate and contributor towards many projects from his teenage years. He identified some of the inefficiencies large charity organisations carried and in 2014 he founded Wish foundation along side his brother Anwar.

Years of tireless work and effort has seen Rabea become an instrumental part of WF and he plays a vital role in co-coordinating overseas projects as well as overlooking the operations of all aspects of the foundation.

Rabea has an electrical and mechanical background which he plays to his strengths in managing teams, projects and pushing for self sustainable communities and renewable energy projects.

Hassan Ayache (JP)


Hassan was a founding member in late 2014 and much like the other founding members, his motivation was to make a difference in the world.

Having a background in Business, Hassan was keen to ensure Wish Foundation operated efficiently and like the founders wanted to ensure donations were being used for their intended purpose, rather than being absorbed by overhead and admin expenses like most Charity organisations.

Hassan was instrumental in developing our constitution and obtaining DGR status – ensuring all your donations are tax deductible!

He also assists in co-coordinating some of our local and overseas projects.


Anwar Ajami


Anwar has been very active in the charity space and founded Wish foundation back in early 2014 along side his brother Rabea. His primary driver in setting up Wish Foundation was seeing all the inefficiencies in other Charities to which he was contributing.

Anwar developed the concept of a fundraising sporting event in the local community which was planned in just 2 weeks and was a major success. This has been an annual tradition that Wish Foundation has held in honour of it’s beginnings.

Anwar has a background as a tradesman, which plays to his strength in pushing for some of our community and construction projects abroad.

Youssef Meslemani


Youssef has been involved in Charity work for many years now and would often travel overseas with friends to visit orphanages or poor rural communities and provide assistance by way of food, clothing, shelter, household items and some financial assistance. These were all projects he self-funded.

Youssef decided it was a good time to join a trustworthy, established charity and the rest as they say is history. He joined WF in March 2018 and by September 2018 he had become a director.

He has brought with him a large network of contacts, experience and ideas that compliment the charity and have seen it achieve new highs in 2019!